10 Tips and the Ultimate Guide to Staging

10 Tips and the Ultimate Guide to Staging For many people, buying a house is the largest purchase they will make. According to the United States Housing Market, as of May 2022, home prices reached an astounding 14.6% compared to last year with a grand selling median price of $430,311.00. If you want to sell a house quickly and join the masses for the best possible price, staging is one of the easiest ways of making that happen.  Staging allows for potential buyers to see a home in its very best light, while offering an illustrated version of a property without requiring a complete makeover. You have a lot to gain from making it easier on a buyer to imagine the true potential of a space, and with that, here are a few tips and tricks to staging a home.

Step 1: The Living Room

  • Remove unnecessary furniture and start by decluttering to maximize space.
  • Update lighting to brighten up the space.
  • Keep blinds open to increase flow of natural light.
  • Pull furniture away from walls, consider filling holes.
  • Repaint walls if they are a dark color and replace with a light neutral color.
  • Remove familiar belongings to depersonalize.
  • Declutter by boxing up books, magazines and clear surfaces of personal items.

Step 2: Dining Room

  • Improve lighting by keeping all blinds open.
  • Declutter surfaces.
  • If using table decor, remove it to make the space appear larger.
  • Consider adding houseplants to make the space look warm.
  • Set the table, but only if it adds to the ambience, not taking away from it.

Step 3: Bedroom

  • Change the bedding to ensure that the space is fresh.
  • Add pillows and throw blanket for decor.
  • Remove personal items.
  • Declutter closets and bookshelves.
  • Pull the bed away from the wall, consider filling holes, painting over scratches.
  • Organize closet and wardrobe, don’t overcrowd clothing.

Step 4: Kitchen

  • Organize fridge and declutter if it is still used.
  • Clear and wipe down counters.
  • Deep clean kitchen appliances.
  • If cabinets are outdated, think on updating and/or repainting.
  • Clean or remove smaller appliances that aren’t built in.
  • Replace worn hardware, knobs and faucets.
  • Declutter cabinets.
  • Hire maintenance to fix any leaks.

Step 5: Bathroom

  • Hire maintenance to recalk, and fix any leaks.
  • If the shower and faucets are old, have them replaced.
  • Repaint or restrain cabinets if they are outdated.
  • Ensure towels hung up are a neutral color.
  • Wipe down counter spaces, replace soap in an attractive container.
  • Declutter and organize drawers, cupboards and/or closet spaces.
  • Empty or put away wastebasket to maximize cleanliness and space.
  • Replace shower curtain in a neutral color, or wipe down glass shower.
  • Keep the toilet seat down.

Step 6: Maximize Curb Appeal

  • Repaint the exterior of the home including trim, doors and shutters.
  • Double check front door, doorbell, address number and welcome matt.
  • Powerwash exterior of the house.
  • Inspect the roof, reshingle if you have to.
  • Repair cracks in the driveway.
  • Maintain lawn and landscape.
  • Store any excess yard decor to maximize space.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts.

Step 7: Show off Your Home’s Best Features

  • Draw attention to hardfloors by removing rugs.
  • To showcase nice views, have blinds drawn back to pull in natural light.
  • Stage outdoors with furniture and potted plants to appear homey.
  • Ensure a fireplace is in working condition and clean.
  • Clean the backyard and pool area if you have one.

Step 8: Appeal to the Senses

  • Get rid of lingering smells and  purchase scented candles.
  • Offer light refreshments.
  • Turn on all lights.
  • Open windows to let in fresh air.
  • Keep the interior of the house cool.
  • Turn off TVs.
  • Relocate any pets on the day of the showing/open house.
  • Refrain from smoking in the home or anywhere near the premises.

Step 9: Clean, Clean and Clean

  • Thoroughly clean the entire home.
  • Rid the home of dust bunnies.
  • Organize all spaces, and secure valuable items including cash and jewlery.
  • Remove items from the garage and store them offsite.

Step 10: Prepare for the Open House

  • Inform family, friends and neighbors of the time and date of your open house.
  • Put up “open house” signs outside of neighborhood and in the lawn of your home.
  • Hold a brokers’ open house to let local agents know your home is on the market.
  • Offer food and refreshments.
  • Create property description sheets.

Staging helps sell homes much faster than nonstaged competition. A staging can transform a home into all its former splendor, highlighting all of the best features that may fit a new family. It is an act that makes a seller an artist in their own way, able to take the blank slate of their home and recreate it in a way that will leave a buyer in love with the piece. But staging only takes you so far. Shop around for a real estate agent and find the best realtor for you in order to get that wonderful home off the market and into a new dream.

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